Who We Are

Premier Edge is a results-driven test prep service dedicated to helping students maximize their potential and achieve their goals. All of our tutoring is conducted in 1-on-1 sessions, which are fully customized to meet the unique needs of each student.


Why Premier Edge?

We believe our results speak for themselves. Our students have increased their scores by an average of over 5 points on the ACT, and over 135 points on the SAT. These averages include students who only meet with us for a few sessions. Students who follow our full recommended tutoring plans improve by even more: over 6 points on the ACT and over 145 points on the SAT. See the details of past student improvement in the Results section.

We accomplish these score increases through deep and intricate knowledge of the test patterns. The SAT and ACT are extremely consistent tests, with similar questions appearing each time the tests are offered. By teaching students to recognize and benefit from the test patterns that are most advantageous to them, Premier Edge assists students in maximizing their potential on standardized tests. Many students also find that Premier Edge’s holistic approach leads to benefits beyond test scores, such as improved grades in school, increased confidence, stronger work ethic, and an increased commitment to academics.

Our expertise also extends to the college admissions process.

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