Eric Hahn is a graduate of Dartmouth College who brings a combination of extensive experience and youthful enthusiasm to test prep. While many tutors boast about decades of tutoring experience, few have analyzed the SAT and ACT with the depth that Eric has, and even fewer have helped students achieve the astounding improvements that have become routine for Eric’s students.

Prior to founding Premier Edge, Eric managed a team of Stanford test prep tutors for a Silicon Valley education firm. There, he undertook in-depth analyses of a variety of standardized tests, using his conclusions to design ideal test prep strategies and implement those strategies throughout the company.

Eric also founded his own successful SAT tutoring franchise in the suburban Philadelphia area and spent two years as a volunteer high school teacher in an underprivileged community on a small Pacific Island.



What should you look for in a test prep tutor? Many younger tutors advertise their own high test scores, while many older tutors advertise their years of experience. But how do either of these tutor qualifications actually translate to success for the student?


A good test prep tutor must have high test scores. A tutor who is unable to answer every test question correctly will have a lot of trouble explaining those questions to a student. Eric has always performed above the 99th percentile on standardized tests, received a perfect score of 36 on the ACT, and typically gets perfect scores when he takes practice SATs. He has already taken every test that any student of his will take, and can succinctly explain two or three different approaches to each question.

For some aspiring young tutors, high test scores have always come naturally. These high scoring tutors often lack the perceptive ability to translate their own high scores into effective test-taking strategies for their students. Eric uses his 8 years of teaching and tutoring a diverse array of students to look at the test through the eyes of the student. He then teaches an optimal approach based on the student's unique perspective.


While some older tutors boast far more years of experience than Eric does, he adheres strongly to the belief that quality trumps quantity. Eric's students have seen unmatched results, and his relative youth helps him relate to high school students.


Associate Tutors

Premier Edge Prep also has several associate tutors. All are extremely qualified, with test scores in the 99th percentile and prior teaching and tutoring experience. The tutors utilize Premier Edge Prep's proven methods and strategies, and each student's prep regimen is directly overseen by Eric, ensuring that all students benefit from the collaborative effort of multiple experienced tutors.

Associate tutors come to you! Sessions are held in the convenience of your own home.