The Basics

Our college admissions consulting services serve a two-pronged focus:
1) Help students identify and apply to colleges that are a great fit for them, places where they will thrive both inside and outside of the classroom. 
2) Help students present themselves to those colleges in a way that will maximize the students’ chances of gaining admission to each college.

What You Get
We offer admissions consulting as an all-inclusive package. For one fixed fee, each student and his or her parents are entitled to unlimited in-person consultation sessions, unlimited phone/email/text consultations, and unlimited rounds of essay comments and edits (both online and in-person). Everything outlined below is included, as well as anything else related to the admissions process that you would like to discuss or receive help with.

The Details

College Selection
We help students and their families compile a list of colleges based on students’ preferences in terms of size, location, setting, academic environment, desired programs or majors, extracurricular interests, and campus culture. We ensure that students apply to a well-rounded slate of reach, target, and safety schools by taking into consideration students’ GPAs, standardized test scores, activities, special talents, legacy status, and more.

Campus Visits
We aid families in planning college visits, guiding them as to what schools would be most beneficial to visit at various times throughout a student’s college selection process. We also advise on how to make the most of a college visit.

Early Decision/Early Action
When appropriate given a student’s preferences, we encourage students to consider applying to their top school choice through an Early Decision or Early Action process. We will put students on the necessary timeline to ensure their application is fully prepared in advance of the requisite deadline.

Essays: The Goal
The most important and most time-consuming aspect of preparing college applications is writing the essays. The essay is students’ chief opportunity to show colleges their personality, to tell colleges about their passions and interests, to relay seminal life developments, and to show off their writing ability. We work hand-in-hand with students throughout the whole process to ensure that students use the essays to present a compelling, multifaceted, and honest version of themselves.

Essays: The Process
Before students even look at essay prompts, we will ask them to respond to a variety of short-answer questions. From the answers to these broad-ranging topics, we’ll work with students to determine what would make the most captivating topic(s) for their primary essay. The primary essay is an open-ended 650-word personal statement, necessary for all Common App colleges and the vast majority of non-Common App colleges.

Once the primary essay is underway, we work with students to brainstorm unique and powerful topics for all of the supplemental essays required by colleges. When possible, we help students adapt their essays to fit multiple topics, saving time and magnifying focus.

All essays go through multiple rounds of comments and edits designed to perfect them. At the beginning of the essay process (ideally the summer before 12th grade), a large part of essay brainstorming will be done via in-person meetings. Later, once topics are decided and the school year is in full swing, most rounds of commenting and editing will be done electronically. The admissions consulting package includes unlimited in-person meetings and unlimited rounds of comments and edits.

Recommendation Letters
Letters of recommendation are an oft-overlooked element of the application that many students write off as out of their control. We believe recommendation letters are a vital piece of the application that students can absolutely influence, even after their time in the teacher’s classroom is complete. We will ensure that students select the teachers who can write letters that best showcase the students’ abilities and academic development. Then, we’ll work with each student in crafting letters to their teachers that help the teachers recall the student’s accomplishments inside and outside of class, the student’s development inside the classroom, and the ways in which the student demonstrated intellectual interest. For students who start admissions consulting early, we’ll advise them on ways they can make the kind of impact in the classroom that will lead to the most potent recommendations from teachers.

Activity Lists
Many students rush through the activity list section of the application. Yet, this section is very important to colleges. We’ll ensure students give the activity list the attention it deserves, presenting all of their activities in a way that highlights the students’ commitments and accomplishments. For students who start admissions consulting early, we’ll help them choose extracurricular activities that fit with their interests and create a compelling narrative in the eyes of admissions officers. We’ll also guide early students towards leadership initiatives in areas of interest.

Interview Preparation
Interviews have declined in importance over time, but a strong interview can still provide a healthy boost to a student’s application. We’ll prepare students for the questions they might face in an interview, get them more comfortable talking about themselves, and hold mock interviews to familiarize them with the pressure of an interview situation.

Throughout the process, we check in very regularly with students to verify that everything is proceeding along an appropriate timeline and is on pace to be finished well in advance of deadlines.

Contact us for more details and pricing information.