Superscore Policies By College

A superscore is a student's best combined score by section, regardless of test date. For example, suppose a student takes the SAT in December and scores a 1200, with a 600 Verbal and 600 Math. Then the student takes the SAT in May and scores a 1200 again, but this time with a 650 Verbal and 550 Math. The student's superscore would be a 1250, because her best sections are a 650 Verbal (from May) and a 600 Math (from December), creating a combined total of 1250. For colleges that accept superscores, this student would be considered to have a 1250 SAT rather than a 1200.

For the ACT, the system works similarly, with colleges combined the student's best score in each of the four sections (English, Math, Reading, Science), regardless of test date, in order to create the best combined superscore.

More colleges superscore the SAT than the ACT, but many superscore both tests. The chart below shows superscore policies by college. Colleges listed as 'Contact School' do not clearly state their superscore policies. You should contact the college's admissions office for details on their policy.

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Test Optional: The college does not require students to take the SAT or ACT.
Test Flexible: The college may not require students the SAT or ACT if they meet specific requirements. Check with the college for details.