I would highly recommend Eric Hahn’s Premier Edge Prep educational SAT/ACT tutoring services to anyone who is looking for 1:1 hands on tutelage. In fact, I have and will continue to rave about Eric and his associates. Eric diligently worked with my son, challenging him but at his pace, with continual encouragement and via his unique individualized approach and was able to help my son achieve test scores that were close to 300 points higher than his initial PSAT. As you can imagine we were absolutely thrilled with the results! Eric teaches and engages your child to master skills; strategic tactics and SAT/ACT “smarts” resulting in successful standardize testing scores. He and his staff are extremely communicative and open discussing any parental/student concerns as well as providing continual feedback. It has been a wonderful experience and a true relief that someone has my son’s best interest at heart during what can be a very stressful time in college preparation. Thank you to Eric and his team as the end result is what truly counts- I am ecstatic to say that we all were winners!
— Bari Goldenberg, mother of an Upper Dublin SAT student, Class of 2019
I have to thank Eric Hahn and Premier Edge Prep for the fantastic job preparing my daughter Nikki for the ACT. Let’s face it, children do not usually enjoy studying for the SAT/ACT or attending tutoring sessions. My daughter never once complained. Eric is professional, knowledgeable, relates well to the students, and has a great way of explaining concepts. She felt comfortable asking questions at all times (and ALWAYS did).
Now for the outcome - Eric felt that he could increase her ACT score by 3 points definitely, and that she was capable of an increase of 4 points. She attended approximately 10 tutoring sessions and got the additional 4 points at her first test sitting. She is DONE and I am grateful to Eric and Premier Edge Prep for making this possible. Take it from a mom on her second child going through testing - self study and group settings just do NOT get you the results that the individual instruction does.
— Fran, mother of a Class of 2018 William Tennent student
1950 on my SAT! I wish I could take the old one again but since I can’t I will probably just be happy with this score and leave it at that. Thanks so much for tutoring me! 😃
— Upper Dublin HS SAT student, Class of 2017
Extremely happy with our results, Thank you Alex. I have never had a tutor so accommodating to our child’s busy schedule. He was respectful, knowledgeable and had a great rapport with our student. Will recommend to our friends.
— Mary, mother of a Class of 2017 student
Eric and Dane – I wanted to pass along the scores from the SAT test on May 5.  [Student 1] – 1290 (620 Eng and 670 Math).  [Student 2} – 1290 (590 Eng and 700 Math).  Same as a 27 on the ACT?  Good scores for them and the best ones of the bunch.  They both made great progress with Dane’s help and the regular testing at your offices.  You certainly have a great program at Premier and Dane has been a huge help to [my son and daughter].  I think that the 2 weekends of testing back to back really helped get their timing down in preparation for the May 5 test date.  Thanks again and please feel free to use us as a referral for Premier and/or Dane if you ever need.
— Father of SAT Twins, Plymouth-Whitemarsh Class of 2018
Hey Eric

2220 total!!

800 w
720 cr
700 m

Continuing the upwards trend! 500 points from when I first started with a 1720. This makes a 2240 superscore between the tests.

Thanks for all the help!!
— SAT student, Wissahickon High School
Eric tutored me for the SAT in the summer before my junior year of high school. We met for a total of twenty hours over five weeks. I benefited tremendously from Eric’s tutoring. His instruction enabled me to eventually improve my score over 300 points, which helped me to get into my first choice college. Eric stands out as an SAT tutor because of his deep knowledge of the intricacies of the test combined with his ability to clearly articulate a wide spectrum of concepts to students. Eric is professional, yet relaxed and generously stayed in touch with me to give college advice after the conclusion of our tutoring. Eric’s SAT tutoring opened up doors for me and I recommend him to anyone seeking high-quality, personalized instruction for their kids.
— Josh, Stanford University Class of 2014
Colin thank so freaking much for helping me with all this ACT stuff. Ur a great tutor and a great guy. Every session we had was enjoyable and I just want you to know how thankful I am of ur help with the act and our talks about college and Fortnite. I got a 35.
— Student, Wissahickon HS Class of 2019
I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Sean. He is totally the right fit for Erin and he has worked so well with her and been most encouraging and “chill”. Exactly what she needs. It was a pleasure working with your company and with all your services you provided.
— Nancy, mother of a Mount Saint Joseph's Class of 2018 student
Eric began tutoring my son in mid July before my son entered his Junior year. He stressed the importance of not only studying but taking practice tests in order to achieve maximum results.

My son increased his score over 600 points from his first practice test in only five months with Eric.

Eric kept my son motivated and on track throughout the SAT process. He made sure appointments were kept and homework was complete. I did not have to manage my son at all. I couldn’t be happier and know that the impressive score my son achieved would not have been possible without Eric’s SAT knowledge.
— Michele Falso, mother of a Wissahickon SAT student
Great News! Got a 1300 on my May 5th SAT! 670 on English and 630 on Math!
— Student, Upper Dublin Class of 2019
Eric Hahn started out as our kids’ SAT tutor. He became so much more. He mentored them through the college process. Eric helped them create meaningful college essays that helped them stand out. He provided consulting and editing skills throughout the application and essay process. Eric helped the kids learn to navigate through the common app and the specific college on-line application websites. He helped us understand the high school guidance website and information requirements for college recommendation letters and internal school forms. In addition, he helped the kids think about where they would like to go to school based on their interests and goals.

The college process can be overwhelming especially with two children starting at the same time. Eric was not only a mentor for our students he was a guide for us as parents. He is someone that the kids can relate to and has a professional and mature demeanor to communicate well with parents.
— Jane Beier, mother of Upper Dublin Students in the Class of 2015
Our family faced a serious academic dilemma. Our daughter had the GPA to be admitted into her university’s education program. She worked very hard with many qualified tutors and failed the state mandated PAPA math test five times! She had four months more to pass this test or her dream of pursuing a teaching career might well have been over. Eric worked intensively with her for a month. His expertise was evident as he helped our daughter expand her content knowledge and build her confidence. She passed the test with a 41 point increase! Eric’s dedication and ability enabled our daughter to continue to pursue her dream! As former teachers, we enthusiastically recommend Eric for any tutoring, high school/college preparation work, and college advising that you might need. He will be the catalyst for success!
— Paulette (educator for 36 years) and Skits (educator for 38 years)
Your tutoring helped her receive the partial academic scholarship at Wood – which is great! We definitely will be seeking your services again in the future. Thanks again!
— Mother of an Archbishop Wood HSPT student
Hi Eric! I just wanted to let you know I just got back my scores today and I got a 1500!!!! I’m so happy that I achieved my goal with your help! Thank you so much for everything you did!
— SAT Student, Wissahickon HS Class of 2015
Hey Eric, I just wanted to let you know that I passed!! Thank you so so much for all your help!! I couldn’t have done it without your help! Thanks again
— PAPA Student, West Chester University
Eric, I just wanted to let you know I took the PAPA math test this morning and passed with a score of 229!! I am so excited to finally pass and so incredibly thankful for your help!! You’re a life saver!
— Chloe, West Chester University student
Thank you for working with me during the weeks leading up to the April ACT. I’m very proud to say that I scored a 29. I am extremely grateful for what you were able to do to raise my scores. Please expect Premier Edge Prep to be recommended to anyone I know needing an SAT/ACT tutor.
— Jeremy, Upper Dublin HS Class of 2016
Eric is exceptionally bright and a master of standardized testing. He assessed our son and recommended the ACT, which we had never considered as our older child took the SAT. He is fully engaged and committed to the success of his students. He develops individualized study plans for each of his students, taking into account different achievement levels. His responsiveness to questions was excellent both in time and content. We have recommended him to numerous other families who report back phenomenal experiences as well.
— Cindy Bryton, mother of an Upper Dublin ACT student
Eric worked with our son, Ryan, over the late summer and early fall of his junior year to prepare for the ACT and again in the summer before his senior year to help with the college application process. Their efforts resulted with an ACT score 5 points higher than his baseline test! Armed with good grades and excellent ACT scores, Eric helped us choose the best options both academically and financially and worked with our son to submit the best application possible including the dreaded essays. Ryan received acceptance letters from all five schools to which he applied. The two large out of state universities he considered waived their out of state tuition fee as a result of his test scores meeting merit award levels. Lastly Eric encouraged Ryan to apply, and subsequently accept admittance, to the honors program at his chosen school. We sincerely appreciate all the work Eric put in helping Ryan become an excellent applicant. It paid off for us…literally!
— Robert, father of 2017 Spring-Ford HS student
NYU Class of 2020! BRAVO ERIC! This was her #1 choice!! Thank you so much for all the time and support you gave us! You’re a fantastic tutor and mentor!!!! Wishing you a joyous New Year!
— Mother of Upper Dublin students in the Classes of 2016 and 2017
Hi Eric,
I was accepted to Tufts!!! Thanks for all of your help this year!
— Hatboro-Horsham Student, Tufts Class of 2020
I wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of your aid in the testing process. [Student] has really connected with you and will actually miss his time with you. You made a very strong impact on him.
Hope you summer is great!!!

Thanks again for everything!!! He really enjoyed getting to know you! I’m sure he will keep you posted with his acceptances.
Many thanks,
— Mother of Upper Dublin student, Class of 2016
Thanks for everything-couldn’t have gotten to mich without you
— Former Upper Dublin Student, University of Michigan Class of 2020
Hi Eric-

I know [student] already texted you her scores, but I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your help. We are beyond thrilled! I doubt she will take the SAT again unless you think there is a reason for her to do so. Please let me know your opinion.

I also wanted to let you know to feel free to use us as a reference. We would certainly highly recommend you.

Finally, we will contact you when [student] starts the college application process. She will definitely need some guidance.

Thanks again and happy holidays!
— Mother of SAT student, UDHS Class of 2016
Hi Eric, Wanted to let you know [student] is going to University of Florida at Gainesville. She is so excited. She got a partial merit scholarship too.

I just referred a friend to you with twins!

— Mother of UDHS student, University of Florida Class of 2020
[Student] got into PSU
Just wanted to share
Thank you for all your help getting her prepared
— Mother of UD student, Class of 2016
I got into Stanford! Thought you might want to know—couldn’t have done it without your help.
— Upper Dublin HS Student, Stanford University Class of 2020
— Upper Dublin Student, Syracuse University Class of 2020
I got in! Thanks for all your help!
— Wissahickon Student, University of Michigan Class of 2020
Good morning! I just wanted to tell you that I got a 1930 on my SAT!!!!! I went up 40 points in reading, 50 points in math, and 50 points in writing! I am elated (*wink*) and honestly did not think I could do that.

[After increasing her score further to a 1970] Thank you!! Yes I think its safe to say I’m done :) thank you so much for your help!! I definitely owe my progress to you!
— SAT student, Upper Dublin High School Class of 2017
Hi Eric! I wanted to tell you I’m officially going to temple next year!!!
— UDHS Student, Temple University class of 2021
Today will be [Student]’s last day utilizing your services. I will certainly let you know how he scores on the 12/5 SAT. Just wanted to say thank you for your time & expertise. We are thrilled with the results.
— Parents of an Upper Dublin Student, Class of 2017
Dear Eric & Alex,
We are so pleased with the results of [Student]’s SAT prep! Thank you to Alex for helping him to prepare. Happy Thanksgiving.
— Parents of a Wissahickon Student, Class of 2019
Thank you for all the help and direction you’ve given [Student] over the past few months. (It was no small task.)
We looked at schools that weren’t even on our radar. [Student] was very impressed with Haverford and if he gets in - that’s where I think he’ll go. We would have never applied if you hadn’t suggested it. Thanks again & Happy New Year.
— Parents of an Archbishop Wood Student, Class of 2016
Thank you for yur guidance and help during [Student]’s college process.
Your input and direction is a high help - and worth every penny.
We’ll be in touch again soon to let you know what [Student] finally ended up attending and her acceptances.
— Parents of an Archbishop Wood Student, Class of 2018
Thank you very much for providing exceptional tutoring for my daughter. I hope that you and your family are doing well.
— Father of a Barrack Student, Class of 2019
English – 35
Math – 32
Reading – 34
Science – 36
Composite – 34

Thanks for everything!!
— ACT student, Germantown Academy class of 2017
I got a 34 and am very happy with that so I won’t be taking it again. Thanks again for all the help I couldn’t have gotten that 34 without you
— ACT student, Upper Dublin High School Class of 2017
Going to penn state!!!!!!!! Really happy! Thank you for everything by the way!!
— Upper Dublin Student, Penn State University Class of 2021
Hi eric. Hope everything is going well! I just got my SAT scores back and got a 1320, thought I should share with you since you helped me a ton!
— Upper Dublin High School SAT student, Class of 2017
I just got my act scores back and I ended up with a 28. I got a 33 on the grammar, a 28 on math, a 27 on reading, and a24 on science. I am happy with the scores and I just wanted to thank you for everything and appreciate all the time you put in helping me. Thanks again
— ACT student, Wissahickon High School Class of 2017
I keep forgetting to email you! I got a 36 on both english and reading, 33 on math, 30 on science and 29 on writing. Thank you so much for your help!
— ACT student, Abington Senior High School class of 2017
I want to start and let you know how much I appreciate all of your help and expertise that you gave me. I could never have survived the college process without your help. I have made my decision. I am attending Penn State and the Schreyers Honors College. After visiting the campus, I thought long and hard and PSU especially the Schreyers checked off almost all of my wants in a college. It is the best fit for me. Thank you again.
— Central Bucks West Student, PSU Schreyer Honors College Class of 2022
Thank you so much!! Wouldn’t have gotten here without you :) :)
— Upper Dublin High School Student, Class of 2018
Thanks Eric. He has decided to take them one more time in June. He is hoping to possibly increase his score by one more point.
Thanks so much for all your help. We really enjoyed having Alex work with him and he did a great job motivating him!!!
I will let you know what he gets on the final test. Thanks again!
— Mother of UD ACT student, Class of 2018
This is wonderful news—thanks to Premier Edge and to Alex!
— Mother of student, Wissahickon Class of 2018
I just wanted to share a good news with you that [student] was accepted by Lehigh University for ED admission. Major is undecided. I think the ACT score helped him greatly in the admission process.

Thank you very much for all your support.
— Mother of Germantown Academy ACT student, Lehigh University Class of 2022
Eric Hahn you’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell u!

I got a 33 on my september ACT
— UDHS ACT Student, Class of 2018
My husband and I would like to thank you very much for all of your SAT
Prep tutoring services for [student]. The one on one sessions turned out to be exactly the help she needed to bump up 110 points.

We also found out today that she has received her LOA (letter of assurance) from the United States Naval Academy.

She is thrilled! We are too..
— Mother of SAT student, US Naval Academy Class of 2022
He got a 1280 in August and a 1290 in October with a Superscore of 1310. She got a 1310 in August and a 1350 in October with a Superscore of 1380.

So, we are all very pleased and ready to apply! Thanks to you and Alex and again sorry for the delay
— Father of Hatboro-Horsham twins, Class of 2022
I got my scores back. I’m pretty happy with them and I just wanted to thank you again for all your help.
— SAT student, Germantown Academy class of 2018
I got into Lehigh! Thank you so much
— Upper Dublin HS Student, Lehigh University class of 2022
Thank you for all your help. I can honestly say you made studying for the SATs not horrible.
— SAT student, Central Bucks West HS class of 2018
So this happened...I don’t really know how I managed to pull a 30 in science but I did it!

Thank you so much for helping me prepare; now I never need to take another standardized test in my life!
— ACT student, Upper Dublin High School Class of 2018
We were away so we just got the results today :) She got a composite score of 31! She is very excited.

I’ve attached a copy of her scores for your review. She came such a long way from where she started. Thank you so much for help and guidance over the past few months.
— Mother of ACT student, Mount St. Joseph's Academy Class of 2018
Hi Eric. Just wanted to update you. [She] will be going to her first choice school University of Florida. She was accepted to all of the schools she applied to. [He] has chosen Muhlenberg College. He was accepted at 6 schools and given nice scholarships to all. Thank you for all of your help. I always recommend you to all of my friends with younger children just starting this process.
— Mother of UDHS twins, Class of 2018
Hi Colin,
I thought you would like to know that [student] was offered an unconditional place at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland! She couldn’t be happier. She was actually admitted to all of the 9 schools she applied to. None it would have been possible without the fabulous ACT results you helped her achieve! Hope you are well, stand by for [my son] in about a year!
— Mother of Abington SHS ACT student, Class of 2018
Thanks so much! We will absolutely keep you posted on his scores. We were very pleased with his 29 so anything better would just be icing on the cake!

We appreciate all your efforts with [student]. At this age, its not easy getting kids to do the hard work of test prep but you helped him get it done and we are grateful.

Good morning! [Student] scored a 30 in the June test! We are thrilled. Thank you for all your help! Have a great summer!
— Mother of ACT student, Abington Senior HS Class of 2018
Hi Eric. He got a 35 on his ACT. We are beyond thrilled to say the least! And cannot thank you and Colin enough!!
— Mother of ACT student, Wissahickon HS Class of 2019
Hi Eric! My ACT Score was delayed and everyone else in my testing room had their scores posted on Tuesday but mine was just posted today- I got a 31! Thank you again so much for everything you’ve helped me with.
— Student, Wissahickon High School Class of 2019
We were really excited with [student’s] score. He is good with his 30 so we will not be pursuing further tutoring. We were very pleased with Alex and have passed along his name and your service to other people. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you once [our next son] reaches the age for testing.
— Mother of ACT student, Upper Dublin HS Class of 2019
Hey Eric, just wanted to let know I got a 1370 superscored SAT and applied ED to Tulane and have been officially accepted!
— Hatboro-Horsham Student, Tulane University Class of 2023
He got a 29... which is what we expected given all the practice test results. Yay!

He wants to take it again in April but we are happy with the 29! Some of the schools on his list look like they super score so I guess taking it again can only help?

Thanks for everything! I’ll be in touch for #2!
— ACT student, Abington SHS class of 2019
Hey Amy,
Today I checked the ACT website and my score came back, I was pleasantly surprised. I got a 31! 34 on English, 26 on Math, 32 on Reading, and 30 on Science. I got an 8 on the essay, which I am not too sure how good that is but I am glad that is done and I exceeded my expectations. Thanks for all the help to get me this score!
— ACT student, Upper Dublin High School Class of 2019
Hi Eric,
[Student’s} SAT results attached. Very pleased –Thank you.
— Father of SAT student, Upper Dublin HS Class of 2019
Hello Eric,
I would like to thank you so much for all the help you did in the short time to get my score up 4 points in basically 4 sessions! If anything changes and I decided that I might want to take it one last time I will definitely let you know.
Thank you so much!
— ACT student, Germantown Academy HS Class of 2019
Hi Eric,

Hope you had a wonderful vacation! Sorry to bother you if you are still away. I had to send this....make sure you are sitting down! :))
Composite Score: 30
English: 34
Mathematics: 27
Reading: 29
Science: 30

Eric...needless to say, she (and we) are thrilled! So much for that consistent 26.25/26.5 haha

I have checked it several times to make sure it hasn’t changed. :)

— Mother of ACT student, Wissahickon High School Class of 2019
I got a 34 on the ACT!
— ACT student, Wissahickon High School Class of 2019
Hi Eric!

I just wanted to let you know that [student] got a 35 out of 36 on his ACTs!

Thank you so much for all your work with him.

We will be in touch for subject tests.
— ACT student, Upper Dublin High School Class of 2019
Hi Dane,

I would like you to know that I received my SAT score yesterday, and I got a 1370. Although it is not a 1400, I am satisfied with my score, and it is a high enough score to get me into the colleges I am considering to go to. I would like to thank you for working with me and providing me with strategies to improve my initial score and help me get a score that I am happy with. Also, thank you for believing in my abilities and believing that that I capable of achieving a high score. I enjoyed working with you, and I will be sure to apply those same test strategies in any similar situation I may encounter in the future.
— SAT student, Upper Dublin High School Class of 2019
SAT Scores are in! 790 math and 740 Reading. 1530. We are very happy. Thanks so much!
— Mother of SAT student, Wissahickon HS Class of 2019
[Student] got a 30
Thank you so much for all of your help, super excited about the score!!!!!!
— Mother of ACT student, Upper Dublin HS Class of 2019
SAT scores just came in and I got a 1470!! 730 on reading and 740 on math.

Thanks for all the help. I could not have done it without you!
— Student, Wissahickon HS Class of 2019
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with his SAT prep. He is so happy with his scores and we are thrilled for him! We were hoping he’d improve by 20 or 30 points - we never expected a 100 point increase from his last test!

Hope you’re having a great summer and thanks again!!!
— Mother of SAT Student, Wissahickon HS Class of 2019