What should you look for in a test prep tutor? Many younger tutors advertise their own high test scores, while many older tutors advertise their years of experience. But how do either of these tutor qualifications actually translate to success for the student?


A good test prep tutor must have high test scores. A tutor who is unable to answer every test question correctly will have a lot of trouble explaining those questions to a student. Our tutors have all performed in at least the 95th percentile on all sections of the tests, most in the 99th percentile. Our tutors have already taken far more practice SATs or ACTs than their students ever will, and they can succinctly explain two or three different approaches to each question.

For some aspiring young tutors, high test scores have always come naturally. These high scoring tutors often lack the perceptive ability to translate their own high scores into effective test-taking strategies for their students. We only hire tutors who combine their own strong test-taking skills with the ability to communicate so effectively that they can impart those skills to their students.


While some older tutors boast more years of experience than we do, we adhere strongly to the belief that quality trumps quantity. Our students have achieved unmatched results, typically in fewer hours than recommended by other test prep services.


When you work with Premier Edge, you work with far more than just one tutor. You work with the accumulated knowledge of experts who have made the study of the SAT and ACT their life's work. Every tutor receives extensive preparation in our most effective methods and strategies. Our founder checks in regularly with each tutors to ensure that all Premier Edge students maximize their potential. 



Eric Hahn, founder of Premier Edge Prep, is a graduate of Dartmouth College who brings a combination of extensive experience and youthful enthusiasm to test prep. Few tutors have analyzed the SAT and ACT with the depth that Eric has, and even fewer have helped students achieve the astounding improvements that have become routine for Eric’s students. Regular analysis of the SAT and ACT and constant refinement to his techniques and strategies is part of what sets Premier Edge Prep a step above everyone else.

Prior to founding Premier Edge Prep in 2013, Eric managed a team of Stanford test prep tutors for a Silicon Valley education firm. There, he undertook in-depth analyses of a variety of standardized tests, using his conclusions to design ideal test prep strategies and implement those strategies throughout the company.

Eric also spent two years as a volunteer high school teacher in an underprivileged community on a small Pacific Island. These days, he channels his nostalgia for island life into marathons of House Hunters: Caribbean Life.


Dane is a full-time tutor with 10+ years of tutoring experience and an impressive track record of helping students meet/exceed their college admission scoring goals.

Dane scored 1560 on the SAT and 36 on the ACT and attended MIT as an applied math major. After spending several years as a sportswriter, Dane had a successful career as an actuary. He then left corporate America to tutor full-time. He is very interested in serving his community and mentoring America’s future leaders, and tutoring allows him to do both of those things. In his free time, Dane is a HUGE sports fan who enjoys film, fitness, and hiking with his family.


Colin: Colin is the Associate Director of Test Prep at Premier Edge Prep. He is a full-time tutor with several years of experience teaching and tutoring. Colin is a graduate of Lehigh University, where he studied math and played four years of Division I baseball.

Prior to working in test prep, Colin worked in finance and helped manage a baseball academy. He also had a short stint as a professional baseball player. Now, he channels that energy of being an athlete into becoming the best tutor he can be. His love and enthusiasm for tutoring and helping students sets him apart. Colin is also a passionate Philly sports fan who loves video games and board games.


Sean is an Associate Tutor with Premier Edge Prep who has been tutoring SAT and ACT students for 3 years. He believes that tutoring preparation should be a relaxed experience, as the daunting nature of standardized testing provides students with enough stress. Sean approaches tutoring with a good sense of humor and works with his students as a team to attain their test prep goals.

He earned his Master's Degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution with Distinction from Arcadia University, and his Bachelor's in Political Science from Temple University, Magna Cum Laude. He works at The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University, planning the academic programs for overseas college programs. In his free time, Sean loves to travel, cook, and garden.


Amy Cox, PhD, recently retired from her academic position as the Director of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution master's program at Arcadia University, and transitioned into a new career as a real estate agent. She graduated from McGill University with a PhD in International Politics in 2010. Amy specializes in the ACT and focuses on teaching students successful strategies for balancing speed and accuracy. She has two cats, lives in Mt. Airy and loves traveling, swimming and walking in the Wissahickon. Don't tell anyone, but she also loves talking about commas.


Jacki is a tutor with Premier Edge Prep with several years of peer tutoring experience. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Law, Societies, and Justice from the University of Washington in 2017. Jacki is enthusiastic about helping students excel academically. She specializes in teaching students a strategic approach to the SAT. In her free time, Jacki enjoys fostering rescue dogs, yoga, and cooking.


Mary is a graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas. She got her Bachelor of Science in Marketing with an emphasis in Marketing Analytics, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology. She has been tutoring in a professional setting since 2014. She has clocked over 2,000 hours of tutoring between working at a tutoring center and with private students. Her favorite part of tutoring is getting to know her students and figuring out the best strategy for them to succeed.

Mary is an avid traveler. Her most recent adventure was exploring Paris, Nime, and Juan Les Pins in France, and she's currently planning a camping trip through a national park on horseback.